About Rhino

Don’t have one yet? More than 50 mobile, fixed-line and multi-play operators around the world already do, and that number is growing fast.

Customers already include giants such as Telkomsel, operating groups such as Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, MVNO’s such as Ainacom and Truphone – and plenty more.

Rhino sits in the telecoms network connecting to the many network functions used to deliver voice, video, messaging, data and charging – the switches, messaging centres, charging systems and so on.

With such a diverse range of network (and internet) connectivity supported by Rhino, it’s perhaps not surprising that the use-cases are equally diverse: from solving complex signalling challenges to launching new end-user telecom services; solutions for financial trading institutions; intelligent front-ends for online charging; harmonising services across the multi-generations of circuit-switched 2G, 3G and packet-switched LTE networks; the list goes on.

Furthermore, once Rhino has been integrated into the network, and the first application is off and running, the scalable Rhino platform enables that investment in integration to pay-back many times over: Rhino can be used for many more subsequent applications – all happily running side-by-side, and without complete integration being required separately for each. That can add up to a considerable extra cost saving.

However, the really interesting thing about Rhino is that the Java-based application environment is open – anyone can develop telecoms applications for Rhino. And we encourage that. The more the merrier. Network operators’ in-house teams, systems integrators and independent third-party developers, all supported with openly available free documentation, visual development tools, testing tools and a support forum. Why? Because a bigger pool of developers means more choice for our customers, the network operators: And that choice makes it possible to find development partners with the right products and skill-sets at the right price.

Contrast that with the situation where only a single equipment vendor is able to modify their product to make it do what you want. With the open Rhino in your network it’s “Goodbye to extortionate change-requests” and “Hello to competitive development”. And with the ability to evolve more cost-effectively comes the opportunity to evolve further and faster than your competition.

For more about the OpenCloud Rhino family of products, OpenCloud’s customers and their use-cases please visit the main OpenCloud website: www.opencloud.com.