Ad Sponsored Calling

Allow your subscribers to benefit from lower-cost calls subsidised through advertisements.

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  • Two-Sided Model
Ad Sponsored Calling

When making a call, an advertisement is played to the subscriber. In return, the subscriber pays less for the call, with the 3rd party advertiser paying the subsidy.

Typically an advert is played to the calling party before call set-up continues.

Additional adverts may be played during the call to further subsidise on-going call charges. These may be played to the calling and called parties, or just played to the calling party with the other party receiving an "on-hold" announcement (or other suitable audio).

This service may be permanently tied to a particular tariff. Alternatively, the subscriber (on any one of a number of tariffs) may be given control to turn the service on and off.

Benefits for the Network Operator:

  • Attracts advertisers and advertising revenue. With customer tariffs falling, provides additional revenue to compensate (2 sided business model).
  • Lower cost calling can help attract more subscribers.
  • Assuming a fixed disposable income for subscribers, reducing the cost per call will increase the total call minutes per month these extra minutes represent additional ARPU raised through advertising revenue.

End-user Benefits:

  • Reduces the costs of phone calls and enables poorer customers to use communication services for the first time.