This application enables a single device to have multiple telephone numbers (multiple MSISDNs). This makes it simpler for customers to separate personal call costs from business expense – with the convenience of using a single phone (rather than one phone for each account). Sometimes called: Multi-line

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Enables subscribers to associate one phone with multiple numbers and multiple accounts – for example, helping to separate personal call charges from business expense.  Each account may be of a different type (e.g. one pre-paid, one post-paid).  The service also supports SMS, MMS and video calling as well as voice calls.

When making calls, the subscriber prefixes the dialled number with a code to select the account to charge (and the corresponding CLI is used).  The subscriber can configure a default choice to be used if no prefix is added – or IVR interaction can be used before the call is set-up. The service can support any number of accounts by using different prefixes.

The service also applies roaming charges to the correct account based on the number called – however, the subscriber can change service settings to change this behaviour.

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