Do Not Disturb

VoLTE and GSM subscribers can use this service to automatically reject calls (this can include video calls as well as voice). A message is played to callers and the call is then diverted to voicemail.

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Do Not Disturb

Subscribers can activate the service via an IVR service, text message or using USSD on mobile, or via a widget on smart-phones.  When activating the service, subscribers can optionally select a specific message or record their own, and can optionally set the duration so it automatically turns off after a set period.  Alternatively, using the same methods for activation the subscriber can de-activate the service.

For mobile users, the system can send SMS alerts if the service has been active for a long time (in case the subscriber has forgotten it is active) and to pre-warn subscribers that have set the duration that it will automatically de-activate unless they extend the period.

This service can be enhanced by adding a personalised VIP whitelist – so important calls still get through.

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