Voice Tagging

Enables you to use your phone to record an audio-clip to "tag" on to web-based content such as photos, files or blogs.

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  • Two-Sided Model
Voice Tagging

Users of social network sites or enterprise groupware sites can "tag" elements on those sites with voice recordings: For example adding a voice-tag for a shared photo, or updating a project status with a voice update.

When browsing the web-site, users can add items to their "tagging" list (or can remove items from it). Voice tags can be added at any time simply by calling the service number, selecting the desired item from their tagging list, and recording the voice tag. Voice tags are then uploaded to the site for sharing.

Operators can offer customers attractive opportunities for socialising, sharing and collaborating - helping retain new customers and attract more.  The service helps increase voice service usage and revenues. Additional data revenues may arise from increased mobile browsing. Operators may also monetise this capability by offering the service to 3rd party groupware application developers (double-sided model).

Consumer customers can enjoy making personal contributions to their social groups using any telephone at any time.  Business users can productively use spare minutes to make a quick call to update colleagues on projects, share meeting highlights etc.

Possible application extensions, enhancements and options

While this application can work with any phone, it can be enhanced and simplified for smartphone users by using handset app.