Audio Conference

Provides audio conferencing for residential and enterprise markets. Sometimes called: Conference call.

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Audio Conference

The application supports multiple methods for forming conferences:

  • Dial-in:  Each participant calls the conference room number – each paying for their own leg. The conference may start when any party dials-in, or only when the conference initiator has dialled-in.  Optionally, the application may alert a predefined group by SMS when the first party arrives.
  • Dial-Out:  The system automatically dials-out to other participants when the conference initiator has dialled-in, and/or the initiator can manually dial-out to other participants.  All charges are applied to the initiators bill.

The application supports multiple methods to authenticate participants:

  • PIN controlled – each participant must enter the conference PIN to gain access.
  • Automatic – access is restricted to callers on a list pre-defined by the conference initiator.

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