Secretary Screening

This service enables enterprise subscribers to set a white-list of contacts: Calls from these contacts will be delivered to the subscriber’s phone while calls from anyone else will be routed to an alternative phone, to be screened by a secretary for example.

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Secretary Screening

The subscriber can activate and de-activate the service at any time through an IVR, USSD or SMS service or via the web (which is also used to manage the white-list).  Similarly, the secretary can also set their status to “available” or “not available”:  When the secretary is not available, the service can be configured to route screened calls to the secretary’s voicemail, the subscriber’s voicemail or the subscriber’s phone.

The service may be enhanced by recognising when the subscriber dials a number that is not on the white-list.  The service can ask them if they want the number added to the white-list or not, before proceeding to set-up the call.

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