VIP Screening

This application protects VIPs from unwanted nuisance calls – maintains the personal nature of the phone. It avoids the complexity of changing phone number if it becomes known publicly. Sometimes called: VIP call

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VIP Screening

The VIP Screening application provides VIP subscribers with added protection to help avoid unwanted nuisance calls. The application enables the VIP to set a PIN number (using USSD, SMS or via a web portal).  The VIP can then share this PIN with their trusted contacts.

When callers attempt to call the VIP, an announcement requested the PIN which must be entered correctly before the call is directed to the VIP’s phone.  Callers without the correct PIN may be routed to voice-mail  or the call may simply be rejected.

The VIP can change their PIN if it becomes ineffective (i.e. if a contact has shared it with an undesirable party).

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