Presence Alert

This application helps subscribers re-connect quickly when a friend or colleague becomes available by sharing their availability status with each other without the subscriber repeatedly trying to make a call.

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Presence Alert

Subscribers to this application can share their availability status with each other.

Feature phone subscribers may use USSD interaction, whilst smartphone users may use an online portal (or even an application within a social network site) to request presence from their colleagues and friend and accept (or reject) such requests from others.

When a subscriber becomes available, each person they have accepted requests from will receive an alert – informing them that they are available to call and message immediately. Alerts are delivered via SMS.

This simple application can work on any phone – however, with smartphones a handset application may be used, with the potential for integration with the phone book.

If used in conjunction with Do Not Disturb – alerts can also be sent when the subscriber turns their Do Not Disturb setting off.

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