Bill Reminder

This application helps operators stimulate prompt payment of bills and provides additional revenue assurance tools. These help avoid the cost of more expensive debt collection methods and helping reduce the incidence of non-payment.

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Bill Reminder

This application provides a combination of channels for advising subscribers of the amount payable and payment deadline for new bills and for an escalating series of reminders and interventions for imminent deadlines, missed deadlines and payment defaulters

New billing amounts and payment dates may be simply delivered by SMS.  When the payment date is reached further SMS messages may be delivered.  Additionally, announcements may be played to the subscriber when they attempt to make a call, or their browsers may be “redirected” to online notices .  In each case, the subscriber may be offered a means for immediate settlement – either via connection to the call-centre payments desk or to online payment options.

The application may also enforce service restrictions for over-due payees, for example: Limiting call durations, restricting which online services can be accessed, or reducing data connection bandwidth.

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