Video Voicemail

This application enables VoLTE video callers with the option to leave a video voicemail message when they are unavailable.

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Video Voicemail

The application will play a video greeting message with a personalised message and ask the caller to leave a video message.

When a fixed-line IMS or VoLTE caller is redirected to voicemail, they have the usual options of recording, reviewing and re-recording a message for the called party.  With this applicaiton, as well as the option of leaving a classic voice-only message, they can choose to leave a more personal, combined video and voice message.

When the caller has recorded their video-mail message  the called party is informed by short message continaing a link to the video voicemail.  This means that smartphone users - even if they are not equiped to receive native video calls - are able to receive and play video voicemails.

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