Announcements for Business Numbers

Number translation services on Rhino SDP can handle premium rate, shared cost, toll free services as well as emergency telephone numbers. CreaLog Media Resource Function Services complete these Value Added Services with media streaming for fixed or dynamic announcements or tones.

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Announcements for Business Numbers

Business numbers are virtually indispensable for any network and also provide continuous revenues. The CreaLog MRF constitutes the important supplement to Business number based on the Rhino SDP. It delivers for these services powerful announcement and media stream functions. It also consolidates the connectivity to multiple network infrastructures (PSTN/PLMN, NGN, IMS), forming a unified media resource functionality to all existing networks. So it provides the demand for Assisting Intelligent Peripheral in the legacy TDM based Intelligent Network (IN) up to the Media Resource Function (MRF) respectively Specialized Resource Function (SRF) with functions such as media manipulation (e.g. voice stream mixing), playing of tones and announcements (e.g. tariff information) in an IMS environment.

With the CreaLog Service Creation Environment (SCE) Telcos can create and manage call flows through the lifecycle of a business number. These call flows can feature routing decisions based on various parameters, announcements, and interactive voice menus with keypad input or speech recognition. Corporate customer can use a secure Telco Extranet Interface to upload their individual tariff or waiting queue announcements.