Scheduled Call-back

Enables callers to schedule a time, using calendar integration, to automatically try calling again if the person they want to reach is unavailable. Also known as: Calendar call-back

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Scheduled Call-back

When a subscriber makes a call (voice or video) but the called party is not available, in addition to (or instead of) leaving a voicemail message the caller has the option of scheduling a time to try calling again. The system integrates with the calendars of the calling and called parties and suggests mutually convenient times - the caller selects the most appropriate and an appointment request is added to both calendars. At the scheduled time, the system calls both parties (with call charges applied to the original caller).

Alternatively, subscribers can access the service directly (through a smart-phone widget, a calendar add-on, or on-line service) to schedule future calls.

Benefits for the Network Operator

  • A simple communication tool that can help attract/retain customers. Cross-linkage between communications and calendars creates service stickiness to further help retain subscribers.
  • Helps call-completion to maximise service revenues, with potential for a premium service charge.
  • Can be offered/integrated with 3rd party services (enterprise groupware, social networks etc.) for 2-sided revenue opportunities.

End-user Benefits

This useful service makes it simpler to get connected with colleagues or friends - helping set aside time for important calls.

Possible application extensions, enhancements and options

The service could be enhanced to automatically adjust the time-zone used for the subscriber's calendar based on their mobile location.