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Enables customers to divert some or all of their incoming services (voice, messages) to an alternate device. Also known as: Unconditional divert, Call forwarding

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Subscribers can use this service so incoming calls (or messages for mobile) can 'follow' them from the diverted device to an alternate device - for example a business phone diverted to the subscribers personal phone in the evenings.

If the diverted device supports multiple services (e.g. a mobile supporting voice, SMS and MMS) the subscriber can specify which services will follow them to the alternate device - for example, if the alternate device is a fixed phone, then just voice will be diverted.

The subscriber can set/modify divert rules from any phone, using IVR, or via a service web-site, smart phone widget or from the diverted mobile using USSD menus.

Benefits for the Network Operator

  • Increases call completion rates and revenues - from both the diverted device, and the alternate device.
  • Additional revenues can be levied from diverted call origination towards the alternate device.

End-user Benefits

  • Customers can divert to a more convenient alternate phone - so no call (or message) is missed.
  • Customers with two mobiles (work and personal, or husband and wife) need only take one with them.
  • Fixed line calls can be diverted to mobile while on holiday, or calls to business number can be diverted to a colleague.