Number Translation Services

Various number translation services to provide short number dialling, non-geographic number plans, free-phone and premium services.

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Number Translation Services provide the foundation stones of many widely used revenue-generating voice services for SS7 and IMS networks.  Increasingly, the same services are also being used for video services.  The following use-cases have been implemented:

  • Short dialling codes.  Access to customer support, voicemail dialling etc. via a dial code of 3 to 6 digits.  Such short codes are also usually zero-priced, however some use-cases such as Directory Enquiry services are chargeable.  The service will translate the short number to the relevant subscriber number via a database look-up or to the most appropriate call centre – based on traffic volumes and/or subscriber data such as their location.  Short numbers are also used extensively in Virtual Private Network services (search RhinoMarket for VPN for further information).
  • Freephone.  0800 (or 1800) non-geographic numbers are converted in to a standard geographic number and charged to the recipient rather than the originator of the call.  The look-up can use the originator’s current location or CellID to determine the most appropriate geographic number to use.  Such capabilities are common for nationwide outlets where the caller is best served by a local business (for example, a local florists, pizza delivery or taxi company).
  • Low-call Numbers.  084* (or equivalent) are non-geographical numbers which have to be translated in to the most appropriate geographical number and also have a charging component (via CDR or Diameter) to both the calling and the called party.  The look-up and translation can be done by traffic volumes and/or caller location or other caller attributes such as contract/pay-as-you-go, VIP etc.
  • Premium-rate Numbers.  0700 (or equivalent) are non-geographical numbers with a high per minute call tariff that is charged to the calling party.  A number look-up is performed and the call or video is routed to the appropriate destination.  The look-up may use subscriber location/ CellID, subscriber attributes, current call volumes etc. to determine the best match.  This service also commonly plays an announcement to the caller (in the language set for their subscription) prior the connection informing them of the call charges that will be incurred.
  • Personal Numbering.  This is a service that allows users to publish a single contact number (usually from a special number block) and to control how their in-bound calls are handled.  When a caller dials the personal number, the service will route the call to the terminating number in accordance with the hunting rules set for the service subscriber.  This includes sequential and parallel ringing across multiple numbers which may vary by time of day, day of week, location etc.  This service is closely related to the Find-Me, Follow-Me and Virtual Number (also known as Temporary Number) services.