Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

The MNP service provides a service for rerouting communications to ported GSM and IMS numbers towards the subscribers’ new network.

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This core network service determines which MNO in the country currently owns a dialled mobile number and then routes the call accordingly.

The Rhino MNP service uses a copy of the central database (CDB) of ported mobile numbers for that country.  The switch then invokes the service for all calls to numbers for that home country.  The MNP service performs a look-up of the dialled number with the ported numbers database, determines the correct recipient network and then routes the call accordingly. 

Numbers for other countries are typically handled by the roaming negotiation and registration via the Home Location Register (HLR).

Rhino has also been used to implement Local Number portability (LNP), the equivalent service for fixed-line telephony.