Voice Mail Divert When Roaming

Call forwarding to Voice Mail when roaming. This application avoids the inter-network connection costs: These cost-savings may be shared between the network operator and the called roaming subscriber.

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Voice Mail Divert When Roaming

This service automatically diverts calls to their Voice Mail System (VMS) when subscribers who have activated the service are roaming.  This boosts call completion statistics and revenues. 

The service is set automatically for subscribers that do not have roaming enabled on their subscription – then, as soon as they roam, their calls are still terminated at the VMS and the voice message is available if required.  Optionally, the subscriber may be notified by SMS, giving them the opportunity of calling the VMS from another phone or sometime later if they require.

Other subscribers may wish to activate the service for the period they are roaming – either from a website before they travel, by USSD or as a standard preference in their user profile.  This allows them to pick up all their VMS calls in one go by dialling their voice box number, rather than incurring termination fees for a sequence of calls as they occur.

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