USSD Gateway

A gateway providing request/response over USSD from/to the handset of subscriber data

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  • End-users the application is for
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Several OpenCloud customers have implemented USSD Gateways on Rhino.  The USSD Gateway is used to route USSD messages from the GSM signalling network to and from a USSD service application.  In some cases the USSD service applications are implemented on Rhino , in others the contents of the USSD messages are relayed by XML for action by operator applications hosted on other IT platforms.   Full-service MVNOs may also be supported using the latter approach.

By using an application or simple SIM toolkit menus on a mobile phone, users can establish a real time USSD session between the mobile handset and USSD application handling the service.  This allows the user to perform such actions as:

  • Balance Check
  • Balance and/or call charge notification at the end of a call
  • Prepaid balance loan – request a top-up to the balance on a credit basis
  • Purchase a data/ sms/ voice/ roaming bundle
  • Selfcare of various subscriber data, such as setting voicemail redirect when roaming
  • Allocate a sum from your balance to another subscriber (balance transfer)
  • Enter a prepaid top-up voucher number to allocate a value to your account
  • Request a call from another party
  • To initiate a network call to you from your home network and connect it to a specified third party whilst you are roaming
  • Request of various information content such as the weather, traffic, sports scores etc.
  • Push of various adverts