Converged Voicemail

Converged Voicemail for GSM and IP/ PSTN Fixed networks

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Many Telecom operators around the world are promoting triple and quad-play offers in the market.  In many cases, this is has been achieved through acquisitions and/or use of MVNO etc.  This means there is a diverse range of voice mail systems in use for pre and post-paid as well as across the different fixed-line networks – this leads to an inconsistent and potentially confusing user experience, where messages are left but either not available or not readily accessed from the network the subscriber is currently using.

To overcome this, one OpenCloud customer has used Rhino as a Voicemail Routing System which provides consistent access to voicemail, regardless of the access network and device.  Voicemail can be accessed from, and is alerted to, all the users’ network devices in a consistent manner.  The solution is fully virtualised and includes HLR integration, IVR integration and a subscriber user interface.