Call Request

Gives credit starved subscribers an opportunity to make important calls, children can call parents; friends can keep talking; etc. Also helps pre-paid roamers save call costs – only paying for terminating portion of calls. Sometimes called: Pay4Me, Call me back

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Call Request

Enables a pre-paid subscriber with low credit to request a contact to call them.  The subscriber uses USSD menus or calls a service number and provides the number of their contact.  Additionally, the service may also be automatically offered to subscribers attempting to call with insufficient credit.

The service can either simply send a text message to the contact requesting them to call back, or the service may out-dial and interact with the “called” party, asking them to accept the call charges before setting up the call.

The service can be configured for use only by pre-paid customers with a balance below a specified threshold, and may be restricted to send call requests only to on-net destinations.

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