Call Screening

Enables subscribers to personalise their communication services, making them more useful and helpful, and freeing themselves from the interruption of unwanted calls.

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Call Screening

This application enables subscribers to configure rules that determine whether an incoming call should be routed to the phone, the subscriber’s voicemail or simply “rejected”.

The subscriber may have different rules for different days of the week, or times of day.  Rules can also be based on the subscribers location (for example specific rules for when they are at work, at home etc.), and rules can be based on the calling party’s number (so only calls from known numbers are accepted, or all calls from international numbers are rejected for example.)

This service is also used by an OpenCloud operator customer to perform screening on ePOS terminal lines.

The service may be enhanced to deliver notification texts when calls are sent to voicemail or rejected, enabling the subscriber to catch calls that were accidentally screened.

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