Call-centre Call-back

This service enables enterprises to provide their customers with a less frustrating calling experience by avoiding the need to subsidize “Freephone” calls while customers are queuing and by spreading peak loads over the day, enterprises can potentially reduce call-centre operating costs.

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Call-centre Call-back

During busy periods, callers to call-centres are often left to wait for long periods in queues – leaving call-centre agents to deal with frustrated callers when the call is finally handled.

The Call-centre Call-back service enables queuing callers to request a call back from the call-centre, either by selecting a preferred time, or “as soon as possible” – essentially reserving their place in the queue but freeing them from hanging on the phone.  For mobile callers, the service can send an SMS reminder with the time (actual or estimated) for their call.

At the appropriate time, the service dials-out to the customer, plays them a greeting when they answer, and adds them to a priority queue – serviced by the next free call-agent.

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