This service is a simple way to help generate customer contact at the moment the customer has an interest – while they’re on the web-site or reading the email. Enterprise customers can enjoy increased customer contact opportunities.

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Enables enterprises to expose a click-to-dial link or button on selected pages of their web-site or in their emails.  Customers browsing the web-site, or email recipients simply click on the link or button to set-up a call with the enterprise.

The customer enters their phone number (optionally choosing a call back time – either immediately or deferring the call until later).  The phone number is validated against a white-list (to avoid calling premium rate or overseas numbers) and the call is set-up.

The system dials-out to the caller, verifies the call was requested and then dials out to the enterprise and connects the call.  Optionally, the “click to call” function on the web-page may also deliver contextual information to the contact centre such as the pages the caller has been browsing.

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