Credit-Limit Supervision

This application can help operators protect their subscribers from bill-shock whilst roaming and also comply with “Bill-shock” prevention legislation. This helps build loyalty which helps with customer retention and also enables opportunities for ARPU growth from subscribers previously too afraid of bill shock to use services. Sometimes also called: Roaming bill-shock prevention

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Credit-Limit Supervision

This application enables the operator to monitor, and if need be control, subscriber expenditure in real-time.  While the primary use case is  for data usage cost control or roaming post-paid subscribers, the capability may also be used for other services, combinations of services, for non-roamers or for pre-pay subscribers.

In addition to the subscribers regular account (pre-paid or post-paid) the network operator sets up a second pre-paid (or online) account for monitor the specific expenditure.  When the subscriber uses the service (for example using data while roaming) the application applies real-time charging mechanisms using this second account as well as applying the mechanisms required for their regular account.   The network operator can then use this second account to monitor or limit) expenditure.

Enhancement possibility:  The network operator could enable subscribers to set their own criteria and limits to help them manage their expenditure personally.

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