Home Zone

This service reduces the cost of mobile calls made within the home zone, and avoids the expense and effort of renting a land-line.

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Home Zone

Enables subscribers to use the mobile as a home phone replacement – and still benefit from reduced call charges when making calls from home.

Inside the home zone:  

  • Inbound: Calls to either the geographic “home” number or to the MSISDN are routed to the mobile
  • Outbound: The MSISDN is replaced with the geographic “home” number, and reduced call charges apply

Outside the home zone:

  • Inbound: Calls to their MSISDN reach the mobile as usual; Calls to the “home” number are routed to voicemail
  • Outbound: The subscriber’s original MSISDN is used for all outbound calls (and normal mobile charges apply).

The same concept may be applied for businesses with "Business Zone".

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