IP Centrex

IP Centrex is a real-world example of cloud-based telecom service. It enables operators to provide the “SaaS” model many business customers want. Supporting “low-friction” sales direct from the web enables operators to reduce sales-costs and support the long-tail of small businesses to maximise revenues. Using all IP communication provides a cost-saving for the enterprise customer and supports enterprise mobility.

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IP Centrex

This application enables operators to offer enterprise customers a cloud-based PBX solution that incorporates the cost-benefits of all IP communications. 

As IP-Centrex is hosted by the network operator, it provides enterprises with PBX functionality without needing equipment to be installed on their premises, with opportunities to buy as a monthly subscription rather than as a capital investment.  Offices on multiple sites can also all use the same ‘PBX’ – simplifying business communications.

PBX functions may include: Call forwarding, call transfer, call pick-up, call hold, call screening, hunt groups, call distribution and call queuing, etc. Mobile phones may also be included in the Centrex call group to support enterprise-wide PBX mobility.

Several OpenCloud operator customers have also integrated popular Unified Communications packages such as Microsoft Lync and Broadworks to provide pan-enterprise communications capabilities.