Last Call Blocker

This service protects subscribers from repeated unsolicited calls from telemarketers or persistent unwanted callers. Sometimes called: Call anti-SPAM, Telemarketing blocker

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Last Call Blocker

This application enables subscribers to request that their network operator blocks subsequent calls from the last number that called the subscriber.

This is most helpful if the callers number wasn’t presented to the subscriber because in this situation the subscriber has no means to distinguish that particular caller from any other call where the CLI is withheld – however, most often the operator can do this.  Even where the CLI is presented, being able to set the network to block the call is a simper solution than remembering the number or adding it to a phone book – and will continue to work when the subscriber changes their phone.

To activate a block, immediately after receiving the unwanted call, the subscriber simply calls the application service number – an IVR confirms that the block has been made.   The caller can also use this number to manage their service – for example to unblock callers.

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