Least Cost Routing

This application enables service providers to: - Reduce the transmission costs for calls carried and messages delivered by third parties, and - Determine which operator hosts a particular non-geographic number and to route the call accordingly.

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Least Cost Routing

This application routes calls according to rules that are held in an internal data store.  Routing may be determined by the operator that hosts a particular non-geograohic number.  Or it may be to minimize transmission cost, by considering the location of the called party, the time of day, day of week, call-minute volume usage, and tariffing rules. The application typically determines the preferred lowest-cost route and also determines a fall-back choice to support route-failure handling when the preferred routing is unavailable.

Operators adopt this service as part of their primary business model, to offer a wholesale, least-cost routing service. ISPs adopt it to offer a value-added telephony service to new and existing clients.

OpenCloud operator customers have implemented the following:

  • Least Cost Routing
  • International Dynamic Routing (where prices vary over time)
  • Originator location-dependent Routing
  • Non-geographic National Number Plan Routing

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