Location Alerts

This service makes social group communication more personal, useful and enjoyable and helps parents protect children and simplifies the logistics when picking kids up. Helps enterprises manage the mobile fleet and enhance customer service

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Location Alerts

For each specific target mobile (authorised by their owners), the subscriber can set up one or more zone-boundaries.  The subscriber received alerts when the target mobile enters or leaves a zone.  Zones can be centred on a fixed place, or on the subscriber’s own location (so when travelling, the subscriber gets alerts if any other friends are nearby).

Consumers can use this to see when friends are nearby, parents can see if children wander off or when a school trip returns.  Enterprises can use alerts to identify mobile resources that have gone astray, or for status updates when they reach their destination.

An OpenCloud operator customer has used location alerts to deliver tourist information to roamers that opt in to the service.

Alerts could be delivered by SMS, IM, MMS (with a picture showing mobile location) or by voice, and could be delivered to multiple numbers:  This could be both parents and the child for example, or despatch-management and the customer.

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