One Number

The One Number service enables subscribers with multiple phones to associate a single number with all phones so that calls can be received or made on the most convenient device. Sometimes called: Multi-SIM, Personal number, Universal Number

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One Number

For incoming calls, the subscriber can configure the service to ring phones sequentially, or simultaneously, or combinations of the above.  Depending on the network type, and device capabilities, this service may also copy incoming SMS, and MMS to multiple devices, and video calling may be supported similarly to voice calls.  Outbound calls from any device are always presented with the same CLI – the customers’ one number.

The phone number becomes more personal – representing the subscriber rather than their device.  One number makes it simpler to share contact details, and enables the subscriber to use the most convenient phone for receiving and making calls.

In addition to the above, at least one OpenCloud operator customer has implemented One Number across their fixed and mobile networks to provide a Fixed-Mobile Convergent service that provides one number and sequential and parallel ringing of fixed and mobile phones.

This service can be enhanced further to determine which phone to ring first depending upon the location of the mobile device(s).

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