Outbound Call Barring

This service allows rules to be specified to restrict the range of numbers that may be called from a phone number. This might be to restrict access to premium or international calling for a business, or to enable parents to protect their children from reaching inappropriate content, calling strangers or responding to scams.

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Outbound Call Barring

For situations where the bill payer and phone users are not the same (such as enterprises and their staff, or parents and their children) or where individuals want to protect themselves from dialling expensive numbers, the Outbound Call Barring service enables the subscriber to establish which destinations the user can call (or send texts or MMS to, or make video-calls), and which destinations are barred.

The service may simply block certain destinations, or (for voice and video calls) may request an authorisation PIN to proceed, or may simply play a warning to the caller.  The service may be extended to produce reports on call attempts that were blocked to enable a review of the service settings.

OpenCloud operator customers have implemented several variants of this service, including barring of 900 premium calls for certain classes of customers, barring of calls that are outside of the inclusive bundle, barring outbound calls when roaming, barring international calls etc.

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