Parental Control

Parents can have peace of mind that their children are able to enjoy using their mobile phones without the risks of them making (or receiving) inappropriate contact, accidentally subscribing or using premium rate services or finding themselves on offensive websites.

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Parental Control

Parental Control enables parents to establish and enforce rules for safe and sensible use of the mobile by their child.  By hosting this “in network” the controls don’t need handset applications and work just as well for low cost phones, and they aren’t linked to the device so they work wherever the SIM is used.

Rules can alter what children are able to do based on how much they’ve spent (and can log activity if needed).  Parents can also define daily time windows and maximum usage thresholds for when their children are allowed access to the voice, messaging and data services; thus providing the ability to set usage limits and a curfew on use.  Parents can also restrict the use of some services - for example, they can allow calls home and to their parents regardless of the time of day/ day of week restrictions.

OpenCloud operator customers have also implemented:

  • A generic access list service for voice, so restrictions can be set for individual subscribers for originating and terminating calls.
  • Password/PIN-protected call blocking.
  • VIP access that allows calls to pre-authorised numbers
  • Regulatory service blocking of premium rate services for customers explicitly having such request.

Enhancement:  the application could be configured to send alerts to parents for some conditions, such as the child nearing their spec limit, calling at unexpected but not blocked times etc.