Preferred Roaming

This application helps the service provider to meet roaming partner commitments, by increasing the connections to roaming partner networks and to reduce roaming costs and thereby increase margins for roaming subscribers. Sometimes called: Roaming Steering or Roaming partner selection

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Preferred Roaming

This application enables the network operator to control which partner networks their subscribers can use while roaming.

The network operator can explicitly define a white-list of preferred roaming partners which would include other members of the operators group plus partners with agreed roaming agreements.  Alternatively, the network operator may chose to define a black-list:  Subscribers would then be free to use any network except those black-listed.  

The service also sends a "Welcome to country X" SMS with details of the best host network, a summary of the roaming tariff and a link to the detail on the home operator's website.

This application is related to and inteacts with the Alternative Roaming Provider service.

Other related applications include: Roaming dialling assist, Roaming voicemail divert