Split Charge

The Split Charge application handles non-geographic numbers where the caller and the called party both pay for each call to the destination number.

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Many businesses like to be able to offer a single number to their customers nationally and for this to provide a local service - dialling through to the nearest business location and charging their customers for a local call only.  

The service first performs Number Translation to convert the number to the most appropriate geographic number.  It then connects the call.  For a prepaid caller this will involve call control in cooperation with the online Charging System (OCS) to ensure that the caller has sufficient balance through the whole call to pay for the 'local call' that they have made.  Post-paid subscribers may be charged on-line as well or via a Call Details Record (CDR).  In addition, the service will generate a CDR for the called party as well.  Currently, the called party is unlikely to be charged in real-time, but there is no reason why this should not be done if required.

This service has been implemented by several OpenCloud operator customers.