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  • Rhino Trained
  • OpenCloud Supported
  • Verified Deployment

Products and Services

  • Custom telecom app development
  • Off-the-shelf apps
  • Custom Resource Adapter (RA) development
  • Off-the-shelf Resource Adapters (RAs)
  • Systems Integration

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Computaris, an R Systems business, has as main specialization software development, system integration and technical consultancy services for software vendors and communication services providers (CSPs) worldwide.

We created long term partnerships with leading companies from the telecommunication sector. Together with or for our partners we delivered 1000+ projects to 80+ operators worldwide.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Broad JAINSLEE experience
  • PCRF/DPI implementations (5+ leading solutions)
  • Real time rating and charging (10+ leading solutions)
  • 7 years of diameter expertise (based on which we launched Computaris Diameter J stack and Computaris Diameter Router Agent
  • MVNO/MVNE solutions 


8 applications


IN Service Control Point

Dial Through

The Dial Through service enables routing optimization for the customers under foreign network operator

OpenCloud Rhino Cluster as part of a complete MVNO solution

PGC needed a MVNO platform that would allow them to provide innovative telecommunications products for overseas Filipinos (including other ethnic markets) through relevant voice, SMS, mobile commerce and Filipino-centric value added services

OpenCloud based IN Prepaid solution implemented to Dutch based MVNE

These technologies enable customer friendly, cost effective seamless indoor and international solutions to be provided to the user. Unify Mobile operates the fourth mobile network in Switzerland, altogether with one in the USA and Liechtenstein, as well as full MVNOs in the Netherlands and Germany; Computaris IN Prepaid solution (base don OpenCloud) serves all Unify Mobile’s European networks.