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Application Compendium - Generic Concepts

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Application Compendium - Generic Concepts

Inspiration for Innovation. A collection of other possible end-user and network-centric applications.

The OpenCloud Application Compendium is a collection of communication applications that can be realised using OpenCloud’s Rhino product suite.
This collection of applications not only demonstrates the powerful flexibility of OpenCloud Rhino, but more importantly it shows that while internet companies appear to have the edge in communication innovation, network operators (fixed, mobile and multi-play) have enormous potential for to leverage their voice, messaging, video, data and billing capabilities and other network assets in valuable new ways.
Some of the applications presented here are available as fully productised “off-the-shelf” solutions, others have been developed as framework applications by OpenCloud partners,  ready for rapid finalisation according to your precise requirements. The rest are just concepts to inspire further innovation.



36 applications

Ad Sponsored Calling

Allow your subscribers to benefit from lower-cost calls subsidised through advertisements.

Voice Tagging

Enables you to use your phone to record an audio-clip to "tag" on to web-based content such as photos, files or blogs.

Business Zone

Enables operators to offer business customers a "virtual" fixed-line - with cost benefits, when using mobiles within the office. Also known as: Office zone, Work zone

Scheduled Call-back

Enables callers to schedule a time, using calendar integration, to automatically try calling again if the person they want to reach is unavailable. Also known as: Calendar call-back

Follow Me

Enables customers to divert some or all of their incoming services (voice, messages) to an alternate device. Also known as: Unconditional divert, Call forwarding


The IM-SSF application enables access to the existing CAMEL service environment from the IMS — so that IMS users can use services implemented on the IN.

Reverse IM-SSF

Reverse IM-SSF enables the existing legacy subscriber base to access the new IMS application-server hosted services.

Converged Service Layer

Creates a unified service layer that spans multiple generations of networks including the legacy circuit-switched (CAMEL, INAP) network and the packet-switch IMS.

Service Interaction (for IN)

Enables the rapid creation of new services, or extension to existing services but re-using existing service components. Sometimes called: Service Broker, IN mediation

Service Interaction (for IMS)

Enables the rapid creation of new IMS services, or extension to existing IMS services by re-using existing service components. Sometimes called: SCIM, Service Broker

Earn Prepaid Credit

Provides prepaid users with the ability to earn credit by receiving calls

No Voicemail-Tag

A service to connect two callers that are simultaneously leaving a voicemail messages with each other.

Credit Transfer

The Credit Transfer service enables subscribers to transfer credit from their post-paid or pre-paid account to another subscriber’s pre-paid account. For example, a parent can quickly top-up their child’s balance.

Visitor Number

Visiting mobile subscribers can use a local mobile number to help save call costs while they are travelling abroad. Without needing to change SIM, the local mobile number is funded through a pre-paid account. Sometimes called: Local roaming number

Do Not Disturb

VoLTE and GSM subscribers can use this service to automatically reject calls (this can include video calls as well as voice). A message is played to callers and the call is then diverted to voicemail.

Group Call Alert

Subscribers can use this service so incoming calls ring simultaneously on multiple alternative phones in addition to the called phone. The call can be answered on any one of these phones, at which point the others also stop ringing.

Sponsored Calling

This service enables a sponsoring subscriber to pay for usage charges for calls (and texts) made by the sponsored user - for example a parent may sponsor their child.

Video Conferencing

Provides video conferencing for residential and enterprise markets, and supports voice-only participants.

API Exposure

OpenCloud Rhino enables operators to expose network capabilities through a controlled set of APIs (application programming interfaces) simplifying in-house application development and enabling application development by 3rd parties with controlled risk.

Split Billing

The Split Billing application enables subscribers to separate their call charges (and messaging charges) across two or more accounts – for example one account for personal use, one for business use.

Audio Conference

Provides audio conferencing for residential and enterprise markets. Sometimes called: Conference call.

Secretary Screening

This service enables enterprise subscribers to set a white-list of contacts: Calls from these contacts will be delivered to the subscriber’s phone while calls from anyone else will be routed to an alternative phone, to be screened by a secretary for example.

Sponsored Ring Back Tone

This service enables subscribers to earn credit each time they receive a phone call, by permitting advertisers to play short adverts in place of the normal ring tone to whoever is calling them.

No Credit Notification

This service notifies the sender of an SMS if the recipient can’t reply because they have no credit.

Calendar-based Call Handling

This application integrates with the subscriber’s calendar (e.g. MS Outlook, Google Calendar etc.) enabling the subscriber to set automatic rules for handling incoming calls when they are busy.

Ad-Sponsored Video Calling

When making a video call, an advertisement is played to the subscriber. In return, the subscriber pays less for the call, with the 3rd party advertiser paying the subsidy.

Multi-media Ring-back Tone

This application enables subscribers to personalise their “phone” so that when friends (or anyone) makes a video-call to their phone they see and hear the multi-media selected by the subscriber.

SMS Out-of-Office

Automatically responds to received SMS messages on behalf of the receiving subscriber. The subscriber can pre-defined the message for the reply SMS, and activate/de-activate the service via USSD, a self-care web-portal, or using a smart-phone application.

Enterprise Service Manager

Enterprise Service Manager gives the enterprise customer control over how their business uses communication services. Service usage rules can be configured for each employee or group of employees.

Roaming Cost-control

This service provides subscribers with a personalised means to control the cost of taking their phone abroad, and helps protect them from bill-shock on their return.

VIP Screening

This application protects VIPs from unwanted nuisance calls – maintains the personal nature of the phone. It avoids the complexity of changing phone number if it becomes known publicly. Sometimes called: VIP call

Presence Alert

This application helps subscribers re-connect quickly when a friend or colleague becomes available by sharing their availability status with each other without the subscriber repeatedly trying to make a call.

Border Roaming Control

This application intelligently manages network selection for subscribers close to international borders or other network boundaries.

Bill Reminder

This application helps operators stimulate prompt payment of bills and provides additional revenue assurance tools. These help avoid the cost of more expensive debt collection methods and helping reduce the incidence of non-payment.

Video Voicemail

This application enables VoLTE video callers with the option to leave a video voicemail message when they are unavailable.

Voicemail Status

This application enables a subscriber’s voicemail to reflect their availability status better: in addition to a default message which is used when this application is inactive, the subscriber can record multiple alternative announcements.