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Almira Labs


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Almira Labs

Riding the JAIN-SLEE horse since 2006 with an agnostic SCE for plain Java developers to achieve fast, low cost telecom development. Offering convergent Managed Services for Carriers, Enterprise and Consumers in the shape of a Universal App-like Store.

A true specialist in JAIN-SLEE world covering any customer needs: consultancy, development, specialized tools and off-the-shelf products. All you need to navigate the JAIN-SLEE ocean...

Development: Acting as consultants for your JAIN-SLEE projects, as in-house developers or outsurced developments, Almira Labs personnel is highly skilled and trained in everything around the JAIN-SLEE world. Our CMMI Level 2 certification speaks loud about our quality standards.

Umbra Tools. SCE for plain Java developers to create complex Telecom services. API to add Telecom features to your IT developments.

VAS Services. RBT, VPN, Virtual Phone System, Dual Ringing, HLR and a suite of voice-driven services either deployed in-house or Managed in the Cloud, agnostic of device's OS or features, fixed or mobile lines, easy to use, affordable that compose the only worlwide Store of Universal services. Voice Broadcast, Voice2Email, Voice2Social, VoiceAmbience, VoiceSmileys, Virtual Phone System, SMSVoice, NumberPool...

Tell us your needs and we will cover them like we already did for customers including Carriers like Vodafone Spain, Bouygues Telecom, Claro Dom Rep, TIM Italia and companies or individuals like Alain Afflelou, Ziggi (Mkt Agency), Legálitas, Marco Andretti, Atletico de Madrid, Vivaki, Malaga C.F. and many others joining our list...



5 applications

Voice 2 Email

Voice2Email is an innovative voice to email solution that enables customers to send voice messages as emails to their family, friends and colleagues. With voice to email services, users can forget about hassles such as typing, connecting a laptop, or ensuring there is internet connectivity.


MediaCast is designed as a powerful marketing tool for companies that wish to make different campaigns using voice: an invitation to an event by a famous singer, health tips from a well-known doctor, a new drink announced by a celebrity. MediaCast overcomes limitations of SMS and smartphone applications and delivers greater value for mobile marketing.

Ring Back Tone

Ring Back Tone is the perfect service for professional and private use to help keep your callers in a good mood while they are waiting to get through to you. Play them your favorite music tracks, jokes or special sound effects, or set personalized messages blended with almost any audio content.

Voice 2 Social

Voice Social is a service that allows you to post everything you want in your favorite social networks. Tell your friends where you are when visiting a new place, let them know about a nice place to eat, or share your holiday videos with them. Voice Social media allows you to do it with your own voice!

Voice Notes

With Voice Notes you can save every important task – “to do” lists, birthdays, the location of a nice restaurant, or just the things you need to pick up from the supermarket on the way home. Simply store the Voice Notes access number in your address book and call from your mobile phone to record your reminders.